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The internet is littered with bad Senior portraits. A simple search for examples will turn up samples that will be burned into your retinas. Let’s not add to the train wreck, eh?

Let’s create something beautiful!

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A few simple guidelines will help us avoid unwanted internet fame and will help insure that your portraits are not just a snapshot of today, but also memorable pieces for the future.

  1. Wear clothing with designs and colors that are timeless.  What is hyper-popular today won’t be in a few years. Stick with classic colors and classic looks.
  2. We are more than happy to edit your portraits to bring out your best features and to minimize flaws, but we do so as little as possible.  The goal is to highlight all that you are and not to show off any special effects that change the nature of the person.
  3. Proper posing – There are countless resources available on how to position the subject for great Senior Portraits.  In none of them is the subject trying to be overtly funny, sultry, tough or mysterious.  Be yourself.  Be natural.  These shoots are often quite fun and Seniors are a joy to capture at these times.
  4. Proper grooming – With advance arrangement, we can have hair and make-up assistance on-site but the responsibility is that of the Senior.  Don’t get drastic haircuts right before we work.  Grow into it for a few days. As for make-up, less is often more.  Too much causes problems with lighting and editing.  Wear enough to get your color even and to highlight your best features but not so much as to hide who you are.

senior prices and prints

base package

During our consult, we’ll discuss a few other important bits and I’ll be happy to answer the many questions that always arise but the most important piece of advice that I have is to come prepared to have a fun.

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danscape photography wants you to have a fantastic senior year. Let’s start it off by helping you show yourself off with stunning portraits.


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