what is a “dan”?

3rd grade-1

I wish everyone that I shoot could have such an awesome haircut as this! Wouldn’t it make everyone look cool?

Though I’m based in Spokane, Washington, I have an eye on the world.  I’m well aware that we are specks of dust in this universe and despite the all-important nature of what is directly n front of us, this rock is awash in alien sounds and colors and cultures and tongues.

My background is varied both in terms of geography and life choices.  That, mixed with an appreciation of the wider world has given me what I feel is a unique vision with which to view the world. Whether it’s a boring basement window, a discarded doll or an already beautiful person, there are countless ways to bring out features and emotions held within the subject that one normally wouldn’t see.

The world is an amazing place filled with amazing scenes. I hope to continue to see as much as I can, whether it’s in a far-off land or right around the corner.

Daniel Baumer as Josiah Bland

Daniel Baumer as Josiah Bland

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