Organic vs. synthetic fertilizers

Complex information but a simple choice.

Westwood Gardens

chemical fert

Choices are good. Especially when the products you have to choose from differ in quality. This is happening in the fertilizer world today. It used to be that you could buy synthetic “blue”, mix with water fertilizer or a generic version of this and not much else was available. You saw ads for Turf Builder and then there were the hardware brands or the white bags of 18-10-10 for your lawn. Today there are many new brands on the shelves and they contain the newest product developments in soil science.

Today’s choices are amazing and leaving customers overwhelmed. I want to help by explaining when a good quality organic fertilizer might be a better choice over a synthetic. There are times when synthetic is absolutely fine, and other times when it would be detrimental. It really depends on the plant, and if it is one that you want to keep…

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