Central Lutheran Church – Spokane, WA

Central Lutheran (129 of 224) In my ongoing pursuit to discover and share the gems that Spokane’s architecture has to offer, I had been overlooking a beautiful building that I pass on a regular basis. Located on Spokane’s lower South Hill, the pastor is a friend of mine.  With a humble request from me, David Kappus was kind enough to spare some of his valuable time to give me a tour and highlight the work that his church performs.

 Central Lutheran (206 of 224)

Despite its many wonderful elements, Central Lutheran is a rather austere church.  Its furnishings are simple, the decor is sparse and the entire property seems to be run with the purpose of eliminating fluff or waste in order to accomplish it’s bigger mission; sharing the Good Book and helping those that have less than many of us do.  My visit showed me that the church has significant outreach programs for the community, not the least of which is feeding the hungry and giving a hand-up to those that need it.

From the Central Lutheran website:

We are, first and foremost, daughters and sons of God.  Not that we always live up to the family name but we try.

Those sentences are full of both pride and humility.  A wonderful combination in humans and you’ll find many fine ones in the halls of CL. Whether they be employees, volunteers, those looking for assistance or subcontractors, everyone that I encountered was kind and pleasant and generous with their time.  Perhaps the building is lucky enough to attract good souls or perhaps, the strength and goodness within the structure seep out and imbue the occupants with warmth.  I’m not wise enough to fully know the answer. All I can do is appreciate the effect.

And honestly, how can one not feel something special when in such a beautiful temple? Built in mid-century, the church is a fantastic example of the modern architecture found around Spokane.

click to enlarge the images

I confess that I’m a sucker for church kitchens.  In its 70+ years, can one calculate the amount of love and service has been doled out in the disguise of food?  How many oceans of coffee have been shared while talking about matters both large and small? How many cakes and cupcakes baked and shared?

On the church’s website, you’ll find a link that will lead you to a few pictures of some of their bigger stained glass windows. I was thoroughly impressed with the windows that were present.  I didn’t have time to properly catalog all of them.  With Pastor Kappus’ permission, I may return to do so.  Until then, enjoy this beauty.

Central Lutheran (178 of 224)

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4 thoughts on “Central Lutheran Church – Spokane, WA

  1. Alisha on said:

    Beautiful! Enjoyed the visit!

  2. Lucinda on said:

    good photographs, I hope you will return to take more pics of the stained glass, I especially like the new windows in the Fellowship area of the church. It’s our church, I’ve attended here since 1980.

    • Lucinda,

      Thank your for the kind words. You have a beautiful house of worship. I haven’t asked Pastor Kappus yet if I may return but if I do, I promise to treat the task with as much reverence as it deserves.

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