Princeton, Yale, Spokane Falls Communty College

SFCC Campus-101 OK.  Perhaps there is some hyperbole in the title. I didn’t see any ivy on the walls.  Other than that minor detail it’s an exact match!

Spokane Falls Community College is the 7th college that I’ve attended.  While some of the others had a nicer geographic setting with more trees and such, this campus has the most fantastic architecture of all of them.  While it IS green and lush with plenty of wild space nearby, the corners angles, shapes and mood of the buildings are strikingly unique.

Opened in 1967, the designers drew strong inspiration from the Modern Architecture movement which had a significant history in the area. Few flashy elements, integration of outside spaces, plenty of window space, emphasis on lines and heavy use of industrially produced materials are hallmarks of MA and certainly of SFCC.

There are several newer buildings on the campus and two more under construction.  While each of these new buildings look like new buildings, they have an updated modern-ness to them (if that’s even a real word) that allows them to fit in the whole nicely.

My stay at this campus may be just a few semesters or it may be an ongoing series of classes over the years but, with the campus as is and how it’s projected to look, I’m certain that it’ll be an enjoyable place to learn.

Click for the show!

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One thought on “Princeton, Yale, Spokane Falls Communty College

  1. Alisha on said:

    Looks like you are ready to enjoy the experience!

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